Exercising is one of the most important health activities that millions of people engage in all over the world. It’s short- and long-term benefits are numerous.

The W.H.O (World Health Organization) recommends an average of 2.5hours of exercise weekly to live a healthy lifestyle. Many people especially in Nigeria usually cite busy work schedules as one of the major reasons why they cannot exercise.

Regular exercise is very important in enhancing the quality of life of individuals, it has the following benefits; strengthening muscles, improving immune response, maintaining a healthy weight, strengthening the heart and muscles amongst others.

Here are 10 tips for those who cannot find the time to exercise during the week due to busy schedules.

  1. Join a gym – Registering at a gymnasium especially close to your house or office is very important as it provides the benefit of ensuring that you visit regularly. Most gyms have a reasonable variety of equipment that will be suitable for a full body workout.
  2. HIIT – High intensity interval training. This is a cardio based workout that you can do in very little time. In 15 minutes of HIIT, you can burn as much as 100- 300 calories and its effect even lasts long after the workout through a process called afterburn where your body continues to burn calories after working out.
  3. Download an app – There are several fitness and workout apps that offer a variety of daily exercises with instructions and estimated calories burnt.
  4. Get a personal trainer – You can get a personal trainer that will come to your home or office to train with you during your lunch break or at home before you head out. They will keep you accountable and ensure that you meet your fitness goals
  5. Get a workout buddy – A workout buddy is the ultimate motivation; you can help inspire each other when neither of you feels like working out.
  6. Workout videos – YouTube has tons of workout videos, many of which are quite short, this can help you tremendously. With workouts that are between 5-10 minutes  long, you can start your day with a bang
  7. Get a Fitbit or a smart watch – A smart watch that has fitness capabilities will remind you to stretch, and log in some exercise’s especially if you program it for such. This short exercise maybe the difference your day requires fitness wise.
  8. Take the stairs – walking up a flight of stairs instead of that easy elevator ride is an amazing way to stay active and keep fit. It helps to condition your core and keeps your legs strong and fit
  9. Wake up early – waking up early affords you the extra minutes in the day to get a quick workout in before you go to work. Working out early in the morning has proven very beneficial to living an active lifestyle
  10. Workout before bed – low intensity exercise’s like squats and stretches are very important in ensuring that your body is limber and your joints are well lubricated before bed. This also helps to give you a very relaxing nights rest.

Getting enough rest and sleep is very important, without adequate sleep, stress tends to creep in and this can cause hormonal imbalance, cortisol build up amongst others. Regular intake of vitamins also helps considerably in providing the nutrition your body needs to stay active.

Calgovit vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps your body recover well during stressful times and aids muscle recovery before and after a workout.

Written by;

Pharm. Dipo Adetuyi

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