Imagine for a minute that you are on your favorite beach, watching the sunrise and doing yoga, feels good right? That delightful feeling you get comes from the sun and there are many ways you get these benefits without having to travel to the seaside.

The boost from exposure to sunlight cannot be overestimated, here 5 ways that sunshine impacts positively on our health and well-being.

Increases Vitamin D production – Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin, an exposure of just 15-30mins helps to stimulate the kidney to produce this hormone.  Vitamin D helps to boost the immune system, strengthens bones and teeth and protects the heart

Improves heart functionResearch has shown that nitric oxide stored at the top layer of the skin reacts to sunlight which causes blood vessels to widen as the oxide moves into the blood stream. This results in lower blood pressure.

Helps improve sleep – Research shows that exposure to sunlight helps the body’s circadian rhythm, thus enabling you to sleep and wake up at the right time

Regulates your metabolism and improves weight management – Lack of sunlight causes a drop in serotonin levels, which can result in the feeling of fullness not being achieved. Therefore, exposure to sunlight will help you control your appetite. Bonus: Sunlight also increases your activity level. As the weather gets warmer there are more outdoor activities to participate in.

Improves mental health and reduces stressCOVID-19’s impact on the world has been on mental health rather than respiratory. Many people are going through a process of uncertainty right now and many more are showing signs of grieving. This causes anxiety which can lead to depression.

Getting a few minutes of sunlight everyday helps to boost serotonin levels which is called the Happy hormone.

The impact of social distancing also further buttresses this feeling, many people depend on social interactions to feel loved or even alive and with that out of the way, mental health has really taken a beating.

So, ensure you get your daily boost of sunshine but do not overdo it, just 30 minutes daily is fine especially when the weather is cloudy or you have to stay indoors due to the lockdown.

  • Osunsanya Oluwakemi

    Thanks for sharing this. New things to learn everyday. God will continue to give you more knowledge and wisdom. Health is wealth.

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