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Oakleaf Pharmaceuticals Ltd Shines Like a Million Stars at The PANEL 15 Conference, 2023: “GAME ON …advancing fearlessly”

The Nigerian Pharmaceutical industry recently witnessed a spectacular event that brought together Pharmacists, luminaries and innovators in the field. And among the many remarkable participants, Oakleaf Pharmaceuticals Ltd stood out like a constellation of a million stars, leaving an indelible mark on the conference under the theme “GAME ON …advancing fearlessly.”

The PANEL 15 Conference, held from Tuesday 15th to Thursday 17th August 2023, proved to be a game-changing platform for the industry.

Among the many remarkable participants, Oakleaf Pharmaceuticals Ltd stood out like a constellation of a million stars, leaving an indelible mark on the conference under the theme “GAME ON …advancing fearlessly.”

Oakleaf Pharmaceuticals Ltd, a prominent name in the pharmaceutical sector, reached new heights during the three-day conference. The annual PANEL Conference is an eagerly awaited event in the Nigerian pharmaceutical calendar, and this year’s edition did not disappoint.

Amidst the conference’s high-energy ambiance, Oakleaf Pharmaceuticals Ltd managed to grab the spotlight, thanks to their exceptional contributions and groundbreaking products.

The pinnacle of the event for Oakleaf Pharmaceuticals Ltd was the prestigious “Extraordinary Partners Award in Recognition in Support For The Panel” 2023.

This recognition underscored Oakleaf Pharmaceuticals Ltd commitment to the growth and development of the pharmaceutical industry. The acknowledgment was a testament to the tireless efforts and dedication of the Oakleaf team, who had consistently gone above and beyond to support the PANEL Conference’s objectives.

What truly set Oakleaf Pharmaceuticals Ltd apart was the resounding applause they received from both pharmacists and end-users alike.

Positive and exciting testimonials continued to pour in for Oakleaf’s health products, such as for Immun-Activ, Calgovit Vitamin C 1000mg, GoodSeed Fertility Products for Men & Women, and the Platinum Series Organic Turmeric etc. These health products had left a significant impact on attendees, who used them to address critical health concerns such as inflammation, joint pains, and overall wellness.

As the conference reached its zenith, raffles and draws sponsored by several pharmaceutical brands added to the excitement. Notably, Oakleaf Pharmaceuticals Ltd’s participation in these draws added another layer of exhilaration to the event, further cementing their presence as a key player in the industry.

The PANEL 15 Conference, 2023, was graced by keynote speakers who are best in class in their respective domains. Olivier Rivière, an International Retail Business Consultant from Elixir-Conseil (Paris, France), shared insights that resonated deeply with the attendees. Josephine Ehimen, Founder/CEO of Nett Pharmacy, Taofik Odukoya, Founder/CEO of Vanguard Pharmacy, and Adeshina Opanubi, Project Catalyst of Pharmalliance Network, also provided invaluable perspectives that enriched the conference experience.

The event was a multidimensional experience that catered to various preferences. It featured a diverse range of activities, including lectures, presentations, seminars, and product exhibitions by various pharmaceutical companies. Attendees were also treated to engaging fun-games, hearty breakfast and lunch meals, and opportunities for memorable photo sessions.

In conclusion, the PANEL 15 Conference, GAME ON, 2023, will be remembered as a landmark event in the Nigerian pharmaceutical industry. Oakleaf Pharmaceuticals Ltd’s remarkable achievements during the conference showcased their commitment to innovation, quality, and collaboration. Our recognition as recipients of the “Extraordinary Partners Award” affirmed their pivotal role in advancing the industry. As the conference concluded, the echoes of inspiration and collaboration continued to reverberate, igniting the path for a brighter future for pharmaceuticals in Nigeria.

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