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About Us

About us

Oakleaf Pharmaceuticals

Oakleaf Pharmaceuticals Ltd was founded in 2011 in Lagos, Nigeria. We are importers and distributors of pharmaceutical products. Our focus at Oakleaf is Nutraceuticals and vitamin supplements, we believe these category of products offer a healthier way to manage and treat a myriad of illnesses and disease states.

Our vision at Oakleaf Pharmaceuticals Ltd, is: "To deliver value"

To achieve the above vision, we have adopted the following mission statement:

“To ensure that our company is known for the best products at the best value that delivers improved health solutions to all our customers”

To achieve the above mission, we have are committed to the following:


Our people are the core of our existence. Everything we are and we will ever achieve will be is based on the people in this organization, including our customers. At Oakleaf Pharmaceuticals Ltd, the people come first.


We want to be known in the industry as the company that delivers the best value through healthy and innovative products. We don’t go where everyone is going, we create new paths.


Our position is based on integrity, excellence and innovation. This drives everything we do and is the core of our attitudes at Oakleaf Pharmaceutical Ltd. Our customers always get the best of us because we aim to be the best.
We are committed to excellence. We won’t just churn out products just for the sake of it. We believe that a few products can help us achieve our aim as long as they are great products with great importance to great customers like you.
We conduct business in a very professional manner and we have a strong commitment to people development and we are working towards having the best trained staff in any sales department.


We believe that with consistent growth and innovative solutions we can climb to the zenith of the pharmaceutical industry in Nigeria, Africa and the world in a few years. We aim to bring our youthful and dynamic approach to solving many of the healthcare challenges in Africa and beyond