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Immun-Activ is a specially formulated blend of vitamins and micro-nutrients that helps to
activate the immune system; it is formulated with Vitamins C, Selenium and Zinc to
promote a strong and active immune system, which ensures a healthy and happy life. With
Immun-Activ, you get three powerful antioxidants in a single tablet!



  • AIDS IN OPTIMAL IMMUNE FUNCTION: Immun-activ activates the immune
    system in immunocompromised patients such as individuals with diabetes, obesity,
    malabsorption, infections, or other comorbidities.
  • IMPROVES IMMUNE SYSTEM RESPONSE: The combination of Vitamin c,
    selenium and zinc tablets help to increase the response time of the immune system in
    responding to invading organisms which translates to a stronger immune system.
    formulated for improved skin radiance and it also helps with fast wound healing, acne
    prevention and premature aging of skin.
  • SUPPORT MALE AND FEMALE FERTILITY: Immun-Activ does more than give
    life to the immune system, Vitamin C and Zinc tablets are known to boost male fertility and
    improve thyroid functions which affect fertility. The active ingredients found in
    Immun-Activ supports and improve sperm motility.
  • HELPS THE BODY COPE WITH STRESS: Oxidative stress is a major cause of a
    depressed immune system. Immun-activ contains antioxidant properties which protect you
    against oxidative stress helping you achieve overall wellness.
  • PREVENT RECURRING INFECTIONS: People that fall ill often are usually at risk
    of having a weak immune system. Immunactiv helps to rejuvenate and activate the immune
    system to prevent frequent and recurring infections like malaria, cold and flu.


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