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Vitamin C

Calgovit high strength vitamin c contains 1000mg of anti-oxidant vitamin C that is responsible for maintaining several body functions. It boosts our immune system by wagging war against disease-causing organisms such as virus, bacteria and microbes.

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Multivitamin for Kids

Calgovit Multivitamins for Kids is a Calgovit product containing a variety of vitamins to give children better health. Calgovit Multivitamnins for Kids is a special multivitamins supplement for your children.

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Calcium is the major mineral comprising bone. Its absorption is aided and controlled by Vitamin D3. Vitamin D and vitamin C play important role in immune function, neuromuscular activity, cell growth and inflammation

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Safepreg prenatal supplement is a blend of 20 vitamins and minerals that Optimizes the diet of women who are preparing for pregnanacy or are already pregnant. . It can also be used after the mother has been delivered of a baby.

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