Oakleaf Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Oakleaf Pharmaceuticals Ltd Launches The Oaklife Vitamins Platinum Series Collection

Oakleaf Pharmaceuticals is proud to announce the launch of its new Platinum Series
Collection, a new and more inclusive range of dietary supplements designed to promote
overall health and wellness and also meet the diverse needs of its clients home and abroad.

Each supplement is formulated with high-quality ingredients and designed to support overall
health and wellness.

The platinum series collection includes specialized formulas like Menopause for reducing
anxiety and depression, Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Cranberry extract for preventing
UTIs, and High Strength Deodorized Garlic Oil for reducing blood pressure and cholesterol

Other products include Zinc Picolinate for immune system support, Chewable
Vitamin C 500mg for reducing cold symptoms, Multivitamins for Kids, Maca Root with
Ginseng and Black Pepper for sexual well-being and energy, High Strength Organic
Turmeric 670mg + Organic Ginger & Black Pepper for anti-inflammatory benefits,
Coenzyme Q10 for heart health, and High Strength Magnesium 500mg with Vitamin B6 for
muscle function and relaxation.

The Platinum Series Collection is now available for purchase on the Oaklife Vitamins

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