Oakleaf Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Pharmacist Dipo Adetuyi named CEO of the Month in Pharmanews’ April 2023 Issue.

Oakleaf Pharmaceuticals’ CEO, Pharmacist Dipo Adetuyi, has been named Pharma News
CEO of the Month in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the Nigerian
pharmaceutical industry.

In an exclusive interview with Patrick Iwelunmor, Pharm. Dipo
Adetuyi shared his vision for Oakleaf Pharmaceuticals, which is to consolidate its position
as a value-driven healthcare company and reduce the incidence of non-communicable
diseases, thereby assisting people to live a better quality of life.

In the interview, Pharm. Dipo Adetuyi also highlighted the challenges facing the
pharmaceutical business climate in Nigeria. He noted that the bureaucratic regulatory
processes can be slow and time-consuming, making it difficult to get new products to the
market quickly.

He also mentioned the limited focus on research and development, the high
dependence on importation of pharmaceutical products, and the challenge of accessing
low-interest rate financing as some of the other challenges facing the industry.

Despite these challenges, Pharm. Dipo Adetuyi expressed optimism about the
pharmaceutical business climate in Nigeria. He highlighted the efforts of the government to
improve the regulatory environment and the growing recognition of the need for research
and development in the industry.

He also noted the growing focus on local manufacturing,
which presents opportunities for businesses to develop and expand operations.

Pharm. Dipo Adetuyi called for a collaborative approach to address the challenges facing
the industry, and he encouraged businesses to explore innovative ways to improve access to
quality healthcare products and services. He expressed his commitment to addressing the
challenges facing the industry and creating a more robust and sustainable healthcare
industry in Nigeria.

To read more about Pharmacist Dipo Adetuyi’s vision for Oakleaf Pharmaceuticals and his
insights on the Nigerian pharmaceutical industry, pick up a copy of Nigeria’s leading health
journal, Pharmanews today.

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