According to surveys from Forbes magazine, will-power is the single most important keystone habit for individual success. It predicts academic performance more robustly than IQ. It re-assures individuals with healthy doses of self-esteem and self- confidence. It empowers with a sense of ownership and responsibility for our own lives avoiding the space for un-productive excuses.
Very active and effective people who are usually very successful employ some daily routines which are universal. They are of the opinion that big achievements are built on the basis of very small ones attained on a daily basis. These activities basically strengthen the will-power of highly successful persons (Dan Millman).

  1. They set-up their alarm clock every-day at the same time even on weekends and days off. By getting up at the same time every day, your circadian rhythm (body clock) will stabilize, helping your productivity to rise, improving your sleep and decreasing possible insomnia and sleep deprivation. It overtly improves your job performance via improving your mood, immune system functioning, decreases irritability and improves general alertness and sharpens focus.
  2. They start their day with a couple of minutes meditating. The act of meditation causes the pituitary gland in your brain to secrete endorphins thus enhancing activity in the area of your brain that is associated with positive emotions and experiences. It is proven to help you combat anxiety and the ‘’busy-mind’’ syndrome as well as to improve pain tolerance. There are many physical and psychical benefits of meditation, none of them compares with the great opportunity that brings to strengthen willpower. Devoting your first-thoughts of the day to understand the world as it is accepting what you cannot change, fighting for what should be improved and bringing your life into a well-oriented perspective will give your will-power the right motivation to be exercised.
  3. They establish a routine of morning workouts. Regular physical activity can increase the production of hormones that make you feel happier and help you sleep better. It also has a positive impact on your skin’s appearance, weight control and lessens the risk of chronic disease. Morning workouts are clearly good for your body and your soul.
  4. They sit down for breakfast with the family. Finding the right time to gather people we love around the table during morning rush-hours will help you to take distance from stress and value what really matters.
  5. They devote some time to self-learning. There is always some space left for a book in our working bag. Life-long learning is the new school and personal development a life-long target. We do not know all. Actually, we know very little.
  6.  They say good morning to people on their way to work. One of the biggest efforts that our will-power could be asked for, is to choose others before us. It is easier to carry out the other activities listed above than to do something without a single visible direct benefit to us.
  7.  They start their working day by writing a To-Do list. This should be done as soon as you reach your work-place, sit down, relax. To-dos is the only way to successfully manage your 24 hours, assuring little stress and bringing high levels of performance.

These actions seem so insignificant but are however of great value. If we choose ‘’for better’’, then we become better. It is in these little things that successful people build their strength.

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